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Unleash the Power of the Sun, Day and Night 

Get the most out of your solar energy system with battery storage 

Your solar panels may create more energy than you will use, rather than exporting this extra electricity to the National Grid, you can save it for later with battery storage. 

The energy stored in your battery can then be used during the evenings when there is no daylight. This means that you’ll be able to use more of your free renewable energy, rather than buying it back from the grid - giving you energy 

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Boost your investment

With a battery, you have the ability to store and sell the electricity generated from your solar panels. Under the Government’s Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), you can get paid for each unit you send back. 

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Less reliant on the grid

Greater energy security

Increases the value of your property

Saves even more money on your energy bills 

Reduces your reliance on fossil fuels even further

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How much can I store?

The amount of energy you can store will depend on the size of the battery itself. We will help you choose the right battery to ensure that you don't pay for one that is too big or not big enough. 

Keep powering your home, even when the sun is down

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